Historic Bellefonte Cruise

Friday, June 15th Sock Hop | Saturday, June 16th Car Show | Sunday, June 17th Soap Box Races!


Car Classes:

Class 1: (Antique Car/Truck1900-1960)

  • 1st Place : Bill & Norma Beck- Howard, PA
  • 2nd Place: Mark Warrender- Bellefonte, PA
  • 3rd Place: Robert Whiteforb- Bellwood, PA

Class 2: (Antique Car/Truck 1961-1991)  

  • 1st Place:
  • 2nd Place: Jim Bradley- Lewistown, PA
  • 3rd Place: Gary & Mary Halsnik- Clarence, PA

Class 3: (Street Rod 1900- 1948)

  • 1st Place- Deb & Andy Sprankle- Tyrone, PA
  • 2nd Place- Dana Wright- Tyrone, PA
  • 3rd Place- Tom Smith- Altoona, PA

Class 4:  (Ford Stock 1949-2016)

  • 1stPlace- Robert T. Long Jr -Middleburg, PA
  • 2nd  Place- Jessica Simcisko- Clarence, PA
  • 3rd  Place- Milford Watkins- Mill Hall, PA

Class 5: (Mopar Stock 1949-2016)

  • 1st  Place- Robert Thompson- Howard, PA
  • 2nd  Place- Harry Whitman- Boalsburg, PA
  • 3rd  Place- Bob Spencer- Huntingdon, PA

Class 6: (GM Stock 1949-1979)

  • 1st  Place- Larry & Kathy Williams- Fleming, PA
  •  2nd  Place- Ronald & Emily Kline- Winfield, PA
  • 3rd  Place- Gary Stover- Tylersville, PA

Class 7: (GM Stock 1980-2016)

  • 1st  Place- Chad Perry- Tyrone, PA
  • 2nd  Place- Mike & Linda McNeal- Huntingdon, PA
  • 3rd  Place- Joel Stanton- Philipsburg, PA

Class 8: (Ford Modified 1948- 2016)

  • 1st  Place- Keith McClintic- Coburn, PA
  • 2nd  Place- Joyce & John Grant- Dubois, PA
  • 3rd  Place- Rick Hamer- Manchester, PA

Class 9: (Mopar Modified 1949-2016)

  • 1st  Place- Sheila Kutz- Vanderbilt, Pa
  • 2nd  Place- Robert & Becky Grove- York, PA
  • 3rd  Place- Mick Rowles- Centre Hall, PA

Class 10: (GM Modified 1949-1979)

  • 1st  Place- Junior & Kitty Breon- Bellefonte, PA
  • 2nd  Place- Kay & Abe Blose- Dubois, PA
  • 3rd  Place- Keven & Vickie Struble-  Bellefonte, PA

Class 11: (GM Modified 1980-2016)

  • 1st  Place- Tammy Coble- Bellefonte, PA
  • 2nd  Place- Doug Bailey- Centre Hall, PA
  • 3rd  Place- N/A

Class 12: (Camaro-Firebird [Stock] 1967-1989)

  • 1st Place- John Spearly- State College, PA
  • 2nd Place- Jerry Round- Olanta, PA
  • 3rd Place- Joe & Linda Russell- Bellefonte, PA

Class 13: (Camaro-Firebird [Stock] 1990-2016)

  • 1st Place-  Shawn Hill- Port Matilda, PA
  • 2nd Place- Glenn & Donna Irwin- Bellefonte, PA
  • 3rd Place- Brian Tressler- Bellefonte, PA

Class 14: (Camaro-Firebird [Modified] 1967-1989)

  • 1st Place- Sheldon & Bard Port- Alexandria, PA
  • 2nd Place- Jim Seprish- Snow Shoe, PA
  • 3rd Place- Greg & Brenda Lightner- Huntingdon, PA

Class 15: (Camaro-Firebird [Modified] 1990-2016)

  • 1st Place- Bob Royer- Burnham, PA
  • 2nd Place- David Wayne Emel II- State College, PA
  • 3rd Place- AJ Saclyn- Bellefonte, PA

Class 16: (Mustang [Stock] 1964-1987)   

  • 1st Place- David Aunkst- Hughesville, PA
  •  2nd Place- Scott Richner- Bellefonte, PA
  • 3rd Place-  Glenn A. Frank- Mill Hall, PA

Class 17: (Mustang [Stock] 1988-2016)

  • 1st Place- Bob & Donna Miller- Milesburg, PA
  • 2nd Place- Tom Hicks - Pleasant Gap, PA
  • 3rd Place-  John Johnstonbaugh-  Bellefonte, PA

Class 18: (Mustang [Modified] 1964-1987)

  • 1st Place-Linda Rider- Bellefonte, PA
  • 2nd Place- Doug Fox- Mineral Point, PA
  • 3rd Place-  John Bruno- Millheim, PA

Class 19: (Mustang [Modified] 1988-2016)

  • 1st Place- Amanda Svencer- Hooversville, PA
  • 2nd Place- Susan Foster- Indiana, PA
  • 3rd Place-  Lewis Foster- Indiana, PA

Class 20: (Corvette [Stock] 1954-1982)

  • 1st Place- Richard Carl- Millmont, PA
  • 2nd Place- Randy S. Carson- Jersey Shore, PA
  • 3rd Place-  Robert Novosel- Howard, PA

Class 21: (Corvette 1984-1996)

  • 1st Place- Bob & Candy Scheurer- Linden, PA
  • 2nd Place- Robert Wagner- Bellefonte, PA
  • 3rd Place-  Dave & Karen Gutshall- Alexandria, PA

Class 22: (Corvette 1997-2016)

  • 1st Place- Lanny & Christine King- Bellefonte, PA
  • 2nd Place- Sam & Grace Condo- Port Matilda, PA
  • 3rd Place- Dale Miller- Port Matilda, PA

Class 23: (Corvette [Modified] 1954-2016)

  • 1st Place- Bob & Carrie Frampton- St. Marys, PA
  • 2nd Place- Mahlon Duck- Boalsburg, PA
  • 3rd Place-  Steven Martin- Howard, PA

Class 24: (Truck-Van-SUV [Stock] 1949-1986)

  • 1st Place- Skin Ripka- Bellefonte, PA
  • 2nd Place- Lenny Ohnmesis- Cogan Station, PA
  • 3rd Place- Robert Curry- Duncansville, PA

Class 25: (Truck-Van-SUV [Stock] 1987-2016)

  • 1st Place- Keith Russell- Bellefonte, PA
  • 2nd Place- Robert Thompson- Howard, PA
  • 3rd Place- Greg Limrick- Reynoldsville, PA

Class 26: (Truck-Van-SUV [Modified] 1949-1986)

  • 1st Place- Bethany & Matthew Miller- Beech Creek, PA
  • 2nd Place-Jeff Roberts- Bellefonte, PA
  • 3rd Place-  Joe Chicola- Morrisdale, PA

Class 27: (Truck-Van-SUV [Modified] 1987-2016)

  • 1st Place- Sabrina Chronister- Port Matilda, PA
  • 2nd Place- Chris Mauk- Pleasant Gap, PA
  • 3rd Place- Carl Reitz- Grensburg, PA

Class 28: (European- Import [Stock-Modified] 1900-2016)

  • 1st Place- Dennis & Jule Weaver- Bellefonte, PA
  • 2nd Place- Robert & Ceila Dashem- Bellefonte, PA
  • 3rd Place-  Michael E. Szczesney- State College, PA

Class 29: (British Cars ALL YEARS)

  • 1st Place- Pat & Holly McDonough- State College, PA
  • 2nd Place- Robert & Ceila Dashem- Bellefonte, PA
  • 3rd Place-  Skip Webster- State College, PA

Class 30: (Special Entries [Must be no class for your car])

  • 1st Place- Jim Swank- Millmont, PA
  • 2nd Place- Fred Kappenhaver- Punxsutauney, PA
  • 3rd Place-  Jimmy & Sissy Decker- Edgemere, MD

Class 31: Kids Class (18 and younger)

  • Dominick Capucilli- Bellefonte, PA
  • Sam Emel- State College, PA
  • Regan Reitz- Brookbille, PA
  • Chloe Lose- Julian, PA
  • Levi Purnell- Snow Shoe, PA
  • Samantha Uhler- Howard, PA
  • Ty Limrick- Reynoldsville, PA
  • Jlynn Long & Josh Emel- State College, PA
  • Lincoln Salaske- Centre Hall, PA


  • Dan Jordan- State College, PA (1971 Plymouth GTX)


  • Trenton Decker- Altoona, PA (1929 Ford Cabriolet)


  • Skip Webster- State College, PA ( 1967 Jaquar)


Motorcycle Classes:

M1: ( Antique- Any bike 20 years or older, ALL MAKES)

  • 1st Place- Gene & Laurie Irwin- Tyrone, PA
  • 2nd Place- Donald Ream- Somerset, PA
  • 3rd Place- Ken Stairs- Somerset, PA

M2: (Sport Cruiser, ALL MAKES)

  • 1st Place- Samuel Weaver- Bellefonte, PA
  • 2nd Place- Ken Ripka- Bellefonte, PA
  • 3rd Place-  Joe Davis- Pleasant Gap, PA

M3: (Touring, ALL MAKES)

  • 1st Place-  Chris Leidy- PA Furnace, PA
  • 2nd Place-  Dean Garbrick- Centre Hall, PA
  • 3rd Place- Leon Buckwalter- Bellefonte, PA

M4: (Stock Sportster/ New HD)

  • 1st Place- Dwayne Breon- Bellefonte, PA
  • 2nd Place- Colleen Mortimer- Port Matilda, PA
  • 3rd Place- N/E

M5: (Custom Sportster/ New HD)

  • 1st Place- Michael Appleyard- Juilan, PA
  • 2nd Place- George Suckar- Bellefonte, PA
  • 3rd Place-  N/E

M6: (Rubber Mount, Dyna)

  • 1st Place- Jim Mortimer- Port Matilda, PA
  • 2nd Place- Terry Bennett- Bellefonte, PA
  • 3rd Place-  Tyler Kessinger- Mill Hall, PA

M7: (Softtails)

  • 1st Place- Marvin Neff- Boalsburg, PA
  • 2nd Place- Chuck Poretto- Bellefonte, PA
  • 3rd Place-  Jody Yearrick- Lake Havasu City, NV

M8: (Custom Harley Davidson)

  • 1st Place- Greg Lykens- Bellefonte, PA
  • 2nd Place- Shawn Tirko- Hooversville, PA
  • 3rd Place-  John Priovolos- State College, PA

M9: (Trike/ Side Car/ Pull Behind/ Tri/ Combo Cycle)

  • 1st Place-Keith Jones- Mechanicsburg, PA
  • 2nd Place- John Sollers- Huntingdon, PA
  • 3rd Place-  Jeffery Shomo- State College, PA

M10: (Indian/ Victory)

  • 1st Place- N/E
  • 2nd Place-N/E
  • 3rd Place- N/E


  • Scott Miller- State College, PA ( 2013 Harley Davidson FXS Trike)